Fairfield County

Connecticut’s Golden Coast

Home to four of the largest cities in the state, Fairfield County is a densely populated area located in the Southwestern most part of Connecticut. Residents of Fairfield County enjoy numerous employment opportunities, cultural attractions, and easy access to the New York metropolitan area. Fairfield County is also home to UConn’s Stamford campus which provides all the benefits of a prestigious public research university in a small college setting.

Fairfield county

Stamford Campus Impact


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Value Added to State Economy

Impact by Town

In every corner of the state UConn’s impact can be felt in numerous ways. From the number of students attending the University, to the dedicated faculty and staff working to make UConn what it is today, and the thousands of patients who seek quality care at UConn Health, our University touches all 169 towns in Connecticut. Find your city or town in the interactive map below to see how UConn reaches you.

UConn IS Fairfield County

Every region of the state has its own unique story and prospective to tell. UConn’s story is also Fairfield’s story.